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Obama and the conspiracy cats


Conspiracies. Good old Barack Insane Obama once again shoved his snout in the Pig trough of politics and promptly used his pie hole to embarrass himself. Again. But, like most of the liberation theology political delusional nitwits, he had no idea that he made a fool of himself and proceeded with his sing song preacher lecture without any concern for his legacy.

This time, Obama had himself a good time reflecting on the days gone by when there were only 3 news shows which gave us the paragons of virtue like Walter Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley and whoever it was doing the news on ABC. I remember sitting in my grandfather's living room watching his color television (yeah, a color television in 1961 - the guy had great connections and died when I was 8. I miss him a lot) and the Huntley Brinkley report. At my house it was Walter Cronkite. Paragons of the original television media giants. Now of course we've learned that there was no non-bias but there was no alternative viewpoints so nobody knew how slanted the news was. Now of course we do.

At any rate, Obama waxed about the days of old when it was much easier to fool all of the people all of the time and then (of course) began yapping about "curating" the news on the internet so that it's "trusted" which of course means that news should be government regulated. Of course. His point, we need those three channels back. Filled, of course, with media liars. We no know that they were all nothing more than paid spokes models for the power structure behind the scenes.

So now we have the biggest liar in the history of the country (Obama and the United States) and according to Julian Assange of Wikileaks has built the largest domestic spy network in history. You know, for our safety. Which only goes to show that Obama is the sneakiest man in the world. So let's talk about Obama's conspiracies that he's so, so worried about. Because, of course, the news these days is the "wild west".

He is claiming that we need to "rebuild" the wild west of information available. Some sort of curation that everyone can agree to. Sure. Run of course by the government, eh? He wants to create a "basic structure" of information that everyone can trust. .Listen to his complete bullshit here

Mr. Obama, you've built the largest spy network in history. Is that a conspiracy or not? Is that true or false? It's not a conspiracy Mr. Obama. Unless once again it's opposite day. Like it is most days for you. Wikileaks confirms this through you're own documents.

What else is a conspiracy for Mr. Obama? Is it not true that you've invited street thugs called Black Live Matter to the White House? Is that a conspiracy as well? Black Lives Matter invades cities and burns, loots and assault police officers. Mr. Obama, is it not true that you invite criminals like Black Lives Matter right into the White House? Is that a conspiracy or not?

Mr. Obama is it not true that you've invited into the White House a con man, a street radical, a blackmailer of businesses, attacks Jewish businesses, the same guy associated with the "Freddies Fashion Mart" fire that killed 7 people, a one Al Sharpton. Is it not true that a radical street thug and a responsible party to seven deaths is a frequent guest at the White House? Is that a conspiracy?

Is it a conspiracy theory Mr. Obama that you have dissolved the southern border, allowing anyone to walk across a national border? Is that a conspiracy theory that "curating" will cure? Is it not also true that these people are bringing in diseases like Zika, Tuberculosis and all sorts of other diseases just by waltzing in? Is that another example of the wild west of news?

Is it not true that you are letting in Muslims that you have no possibility of screening? Is it not also true that you are letting in far more Muslims than Christians who are running for their very lives? Is that, Mr. Obama, another example of the "wild west" that needs curating?

How about the constitution. Is your stripping of the constitution through your "executive orders" another conspiracy theory? Is it not also true that you have virtually no regard for the constitution that - your words - is a document of "negative liberties?" Would curating solve that truth?

Are you not the most divisive president in United States history? Have not race relations under your regime suffered and have actually been turned back 50 or more years? Is that a conspiracy theory?

 Everything we know to be true are not conspiracies. Obama and the leftist's complete lack of honor, honesty and morals is something that most people know. Calling the observable truth everyone can see a conspiracy theory does not make it true.


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