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Everyone and I mean everyone is going willy nilly over a period of time that is arbitrary. 100 days. Which as it turns out is an open invitation to drag out Photoshop and make a cool collage of Trump photos. Like it's the most important event since Neil Armstrong put his foot on that soundstage in 1969, the first 100 days has become some sort of guidestone in the ground of America's psyche of self as if the soul of the nation is somehow tied to a period of 100 days. Headlines like "First 100 days of Trump's underwear weigh heavy" and "Trump's first 100 days the best ever in history" or "Trump still big fat loser after 100 days." Why 100? It was first used by FDR in 1933. Since then, it's been the holy grail of opinion. Just write about a president's first 100 days and the world will beat a path to your opinion, hoisting you onto the shoulders of popularity. And that's my take on the first 100 days. Thank you and have a good day.

We don't need to be worried about the rest of the world's misplaced anger about America. We need to be worried that the left is pissed off at America and as Trump drifts further and further from what he claimed to be, that the right will be pissed at America too. The result is predictable. The right's anger turns into apathy, and the left's anger turns into action. If you want to know what that looks like in the end, watch some reporting about what's going on in Venezuela right now.

That said, we should never become like Venezuela. We have the kind of American character that the citizens lead with. The right has nothing to do with it, nor does the left.

Much as Allahu Akbar denotes the superiority of the Muslim and the inferiority of the non-Muslim, the knowing smirk, the lifted eyebrow and the braying laugh of the audience when the unironic applause sign flashes is the prayer of the progressive to the cruel little god of his own ego. The ritual is tribal.

Read more of this excellent piece....

The smarter than us guys at MIT have come up with a 3D printer that prints houses. And it's solar powered. Talk about a Greenie's wet dream. No dead trees and alternative energy powered. My God, MIT has hit the holy grail gusher. Normally that would not tickle my fancy but I love the construction of houses, how taking a bunch of dead trees and making a structure with personality using hands and tools. But 3D printed houses that look like a 1950's horror movie monster den? Basically, the machine sits there and spits out this expanding foam shit that it layers untiI it's tall enough for a human to stand in and call it a house. I suppose that in the future construction workers will be wearing khakis and polo shits. Of course we'll have the great articles about how some millionare somewere had a 3D McMansion built and how some homeless waif in the middle of some shithole country now has a nice 3D printed house and for extra measure the story about how someone was printing houses for the homeless and the city shut them down because if the homeless have homes, they're not homeless.


This is an example of why I call the left progressive/communist/socialist/liberation theology followers. Look at this course description from a university. Disruption, destruction and forcing people to do your bidding is the mainstays of their power over others. Nothing is ever their fault, you never accept anything, always protest what isn't you. Belittle, insult and hold your breath to get your way. If that doesn't work, stamp your feet and beat someone up. If needed, go take a "safe break." Un-fucking believable. The infiltration of the higher educational system has been very successful. We now have thousands of useful idiots with useless degrees, in debt up to their eyeballs and too stupid to function in the real world. What you end up with are people like this.


There was a book, I can't remember the name where organ transplants was common and in order to fill the demand crimes like jaywalking wound up netting the death penalty so people could have new parts. Thus, my question is: Where are the bodies going to come from?

Copied from a discussion forum with virtually no shame.

What happened to the Donald Trump we elected?

These days many Trump supporters are asking the same question: "What happened to the Donald Trump we elected?" Openly question whether he is still the guy they voted for from a firm belief in him Making America Great Again and Draining The Swamp. The question is whether that is his own fault, weakness, lack of experience with the system or whatever.

Let's face it, every big promise he made during the election is being questioned, ridiculed and overruled when it is put into actions. By opponents, judges, democrats, militant Republicans, media experts and discontent followers. The forces against him are strong. There is even talk about him being held hostage by the "deep state", whatever that might actually mean. These are excellent discussion topics on conspiracy sites, media panels, at birthday parties, you name it. But is it really that complex?

Or is it as simple as this: In an average society there is 50% of the people that like you and there is 50% of the people that don't like you (or even hate you.) They are a perfect mix of expertise, social background etc. The people that like you can't move any further towards you, they already like you. No winning in people that like you. Admiration is cool, but it doesn't earn you much more than that. Then there are the people that don't like you. Period. No matter what you do, they just don't like you and take on every effort to emphasize their dislike and let it be heard whenever they get the chance. Through all kinds of media, so called expert opinions, in the streets, everywhere. Freedom of speech is a big asset for people that don't like you. Don't get me wrong, I am a firm believer in freedom of speech (till a certain level when it comes to respecting values in life, name calling, death wishes etc.), but the psychology of it in a society like ours is that the ones that don't like you have a bigger voice than the ones that like you. At least when it comes to goals you want to achieve and promises you made. At the tipping point everything you do or say is ridiculed, again under the umbrella of freedom of speech and you find yourself being satirized. That has nothing to do with "deep state" but simply with the force of like or rather don't like.

For example look at the tax plan that was introduced by the Trump administration. Simply spoken, with the cuts and everything you would think that even people that don't like you would at least give it a thought. Yet every opponent financial expert and media outlet goes out of their way to emphasize the negative sides of it. The risks for the budget, who is going to pay for it, etc. I am sure there are a lot of what ifs and buts to it when it comes to putting it into practice, but the voices of negativity are overpowering the voices of the positive side. The don't likes have the upper hand in practically every proposal this administration makes. Adjustments, compromises, it does not matter. Trump is a very bad word for the don't like people and anything and anyone attached to it is contaminated as well.

Is that Donald Trump's fault? I honestly don't think so. It is all a matter of psychology. Sure you can argue with some of his ideas and plans and blame some of that on a lack of expertise in some fields like immigration for example, but basic is that in the open communication society we live in, where everyone can put every fart out through social media etc., where you can just pull a panel of so called "independent" experts out of the magic hat for their "unbiased" opinion, there is no winning for someone like Trump. The camp of don't likes is too big for that. As a matter of fact every compromise or adjustment he makes is seen as a defeat by part of the like camp, making the don't like camp grow.

What does that mean for Trump's future? Difficult to say. After all he still is the President of the United States and from that position he still has a lot of power to make his own decisions, especially when it comes to international matters, like North Korea, Syria, China. Which might also be the most dangerous stronghold he has. The question there is if his skills when it comes to making business deals is balanced enough in a high stakes political poker game. If that game is not played right, in my opinion through diplomacy, economic pressure and negotiation skills, it might be the path to destruction on a global scale. Fact is that the number of people that want to chase him out of town is growing.

Last thing I want to say to his supporters and opponents is this. Base your opinion on whether you still believe or don't believe in Trump on your own judgement and try to see through all this "his first 100 days" banner crap. Base it on how plans and decisions effect you in real life. Follow your own instinct instead of following that of the loud mouths everywhere. That does not only go for Trump, but for all those that you support, like or don't like, in family, friends, people around you. We already live in a global society, where division seems to be a bigger key word than togetherness. Go from own strength, believe and what you stand for and think is just. The things that you can control or influence, around you. If we would listen to our own gut feeling more and keep our eyes more open to what happens around us and not base it purely on what is fed to us by those one-liner banner rhetoric, we as a society would be in a much better shape.


The big tax cut announcement was announced and it's a good news situation all over the place. I found that my current tax rate of 25 percent is going to be lowered to an astounding 25 percent, the exact change that I got under the Bush tax cut. On the plus side, that 1040 EZ I file every year will be simpler.

Okay, once more I'm sort of kidding. Until we have more information, it's pointless to piss and moan although I'm sure everyone with a D(umb) after their name will rail and whine that it's only for rich people like themselves, etc.. The point that I make to myself is that until there is information direct from Treasury and I KNOW that it isn't sabotaged by any tricky Obama agents of doom, I'm not going to get excited about any of it. Plus we know from the horse's mouth itself that you open the negotiation asking for everything and negotiate what you'll keep from a position of strength.

Looks we're going to learn a few things over the next couple of weeks. First, how much fuel North Korea has stockpiled because they ain't got no oil so that's a finite supply issue for them. Second, if they really have nuke or chemical abilities to strike out like a 4 year old in the grocery store that wants a candy bar. Third, how well those overpriced F-22 and F-35 fighters are going to do in real battle - for instance do those Chinese chips in them really have a fail safe? Can the Chinese shut them down remotely?


You know it's pretty bad when Rush Limbaugh is climbing aboard the "Trump caved" bandwagon as it totters it's way though our culture. While it's hard to believe that Rush doesn't recognize strategy when he sees it, it's equally hard to believe that since the Republicans have won every single election for quite some time now, putting them in charge of cities, states and the federal government, that they'd realize that they have the steel balls of Ninjas and proceed to take apart the Democrats to put them out of our misery once and for all. This is really getting pretty damned frustrating at this point. The democrats aren't in charge, stop letting them think they are. Good God, reduce their power to the point that we won't have to worry about their revenge when they get back into power, okay? People are going to die when they do and we'll blame you for letting it happen.

But nooooooo, Trump has to go and cave on his border wall, apparently without realizing that that single move, whether it's a delay or not, that single move will cause a significant number of people to switch their mindsets over to the "Trump caved" crowd and give the progressive/socialist/communist/democrat gang something that they'll love - voters that willingly abandon Trump, who it turns out isn't so unlike every other politician after all.

I would submit to you that what we are seeing in public is like an iceberg - 2/3 is below the water. There are so many scenarios that could be causing this "caving" business that you could spend all day listing them and not be done. Here's some of the list I've come up with.

  1. Play ball or you'll end up like JFK.
    2. Brainwashed by appointees surrounding him.
    3. Reptilian overlords have played their hand.
    4. It's an actual strategy and any good businessman isn't going to telegraph his moves you bunch of dumbasses.
    5. It's all part of the plot to take down China.
    6. It's all part of the plot to take down Mexico.
    7. It's all part of the plot to take down the EU.
    8. It's all part of the plot to take down (insert your favorite here).
    9. It's all part of the plot to expose the UFO thing.
    10. It's a super secret plan and you can't handle the truth.
    11. Yeah, turns out the Russian thing is for real and it's blackmail time.

Of course all of this could also be my way of getting around Google's new "Owl" progam.


If you don't think that we're in a civil war situation that I'd suggest you read an article about Antifa at The Antifa fanatics believe their job is to beat up people they don't agree with. In Berkley, the police sat in their patrol cars while the Antifa attacked pro-Trump supporters during an event. When we have law enforcement taking the side of revolutionaries, the seriousness of the situation rises to another level. The point being is that if we define terrorism as acts of violence designed to sow fear in the population, then we have to by default paint Antifa with a terrorism brush. Since when have we allowed terrorism to prevail in America?

An Antifa member wrote the following:

"We need to take notes from the John Brown Gun Club and get firearms and training. I know getting firearms in states and cities we have a presence in is usually a hassle, but even handguns would help," the would-be revolutionary wrote.

It would certainly put a psychological element in while holding fash [fascists] back. Who do you think a fascist is more afraid of? People with only flags and bats, or people with flags, bats, and guns?"

Read more....

The important question is exactly how large of a group are we talking about here? If there's a few million of them, then we got a problem. If there's a few thousand, it would be easy enough to "fix" the problem. The issue is who is going to do the fixing?

Another valid point is that the progressives/democrats have ginned up their base into a frenzy over the elecion of Trump. If we apply the definition of terrorism, then the democratic party are terrorists in that they convince their base to fear Trump and everyone that voted for him, thus qualifying under the broadest meaning of terrorism.


Once more, I've been proven exactly correct (Daily Thoughts, 4- 22-17) (either that or Howard Dean reads my stuff) in that the afore mentioned Dean tweeted one of his epic in his own mind one liners "Hate speech is not protected by the first amendment." The fuck it's not you nitwit. It's threats that aren't covered by free speech unless, of course, it's against a Republican. As Bill Mahar said (I can't believe I'm actually agreeing with one of the "other" Bills), "This is why the Supreme Court said the Nazis could march in Skokie. They're a hateful bunch – but that's what the First Amendment means. It doesn't mean just shut up, and agree with me."

Exactly correct. What the progressives don't understand is that their fantasy understanding of the constitution and the rights it endows to all Americans is that it isn't just for them. It's for everyone. If you don't agree with me, fine, but don't threaten me to get me to shut up - I wouldn't do that to you, I'd just ignore your crazy ass. I believe that what we're seeing is a product of the communistic social terrorists that are the Democratic party believing their own brainwashing.

One of if not the greatest thing about doing what I do here is being able to pick and choose what I write about. If it doesn't interest me I don't write about it. Ruminatin' about what interests yourself is both a lot of fun and rewarding. One thing I do not do, ever, is watch the Sunday shows and their parade of flapping pie holes exuding the latest in inane sayings and opinions from Washington.

The rationing of present day America, which has the resources, the wealth and the techniques to produce, is being managed in political terms. The politicians still talk in terms of innovation and production, even while enacting policies meant to discourage both. The dominant political class has been dedicated to one form of rationing or another throughout the 20th Century. The only difference between them is the degree of radicalism and their understanding that the rationing is a transition, rather than a safety net or an emergency measure. When you listen to the larger message of the left, it is one of finity. We have a finite amount of planetary resources and domestic wealth. This finity represents a global and national crisis that has to be tackled with rationing mechanisms. We are all on a lifeboat and some of us are gobbling up more than their fair share of rations. Unless the rationers step forward, seize everyone's rations and pass out limited rations, then we are all doomed.

Read more....


Target's self inflicted death spiral so some mentally ill people can use the wrong bathroom has resulted in even more executives shown the ladies room door - or the mens room door or that one with the weird diagram on it and as a bonus a 40 percent loss in value of Target. Good going, have a nice day and if they're not careful we'll need to check if they're done with a fork. In the annals of bad corporate moves, this has to rate as one of the top 10.

And the award for poorly thought out addiction recovery programs is the one where the alcoholics are allowed to continue to drink during their "recovery." What could possibly go wrong? Well other than a bunch of drunk people tottering into their recovery meetings. Hope they're not driving.


Every once in a while I actually have nothing to say. Not dumbstruck or so amazed I have no words, I just have not a thing to opine about. Oddly, my entire day has been like this, wafting like a gentle breeze from activity to activity, unwilling for some reason to make decisions of importance, although I did make an Omelet for dinner and made the cat a steak.

In actual news, I see Mr. Revolution himself, Barack Obama, has returned from his lengthy vacation wherein he immediately continued his work on the revolution. No word as yet on whether or not he's mad about the hot mess Democrats have made in his absence. He could very well be upset that the country he brought to it's knees in despair has been able to recover somewhat since he was removed from being the "leader" of the country. However, the supremely insane Maxine Waters has been keeping the engine of revolution revved up and ready for his return while the harem of college waifs will sit entranced as he waxes like a coffee shop beatnik poet on his thoughts and plans to destroy what's left of America. Which is good because it will give Trump something to Tweet about.


Pardon me while I have a 60 year old, I'm tired of the shit I see around me, those damned kids these days moment. And write about it.

I see that yet another doctor here in Michigan has been busted for genital mutilation of girls. This 7th century religion of peace practice is common in Muslim countries, in particular Egypt and Somalia where up to 87% of all girls are mutilated. So, apparently we here in America have managed to allow not only terrorists but now mutilators of children to go ahead and set up shop. Wonderful. Why are we paying out the nose in taxes to a government that can't keep us safe again? Really, I'd like to know why. It can't be because they're doing such a wonderful bangup job so there must be another reason. Oh yeah, it's my job to help them shit up my country. How could I forget that.

I will stand by what I previously opined, that we are now a developing country, not a leader of the world. Besides a lowering standard of living, despite no matter how hard one tries, the rate of pay increase never seems to match the rate of inflation we now seemingly accept that the abnormal is the new normal. All of this, of course, is going according to plan which is a pretty frightening prospect wherein they apparently have no real fear of Donald Trump changing anything in a meaningful way. I am now of the opinion that no matter how hard he tries, there is no possible way that he can make America great again until such time as I see a difference in my life. That's the bottom line. He can issue all the executive orders that will be rescinded as soon as he's gone that he wants, he can have all the laws that he wants passed that will be ignored when he's gone. Until such time as we as a people are good and fed up, there will be no change, no making anything great again. Yes, that's a rather dark view of the world but consider that I have seen and experienced a lot of things in my life, both good and bad that leads me to this conclusion. All it is is one man's opinion.

What the progressives have wrought through their constant victimization, educational system brainwashing and the constant drumbeat of everyone that has a different point of view is the enemy is nothing short of a totalitarian society, the same as ISIS is creating. Now their mantra is becoming, "Freedom of speech, Not freedom of consequences" or in other words "You're free to say anything unless we don't like it, then we beat you up."

I will put it to you this way. When I am reluctant to put a bumper sticker on my vehicle showing my support of a presidential candidate for fear of destruction of said vehicle but am expected to not raise even an eyebrow with sticker covered communist phrases and points of view rolling snot nosed liberal billboard of unrealistic expectations and millennial demands, not only is there something seriously wrong but it also points to my previous point earlier this week: we're in a civil war without the shooting.


To the Daily Thought in a moment, but first an observation. Over at, there is a thread about how the United States is falling into a developing world nation with two distinct economic stratas, shrinking middle class and a infrastructure that resembles Venezuela instead of Japan or Norway. A very interesting supposition. The very first reply is "If your not openly revolting then your not in the right mindset.", posted by the usual topic dragging shill. Poorly worded, misspelled and written and using the progressives/liberals/leftists/liberation theology which is "If you don't like it, destroy it. Disrupt everything you don't agree with." Nothing political or economic or infrastructure is going to be repaired or changed as long as people like this are not ignored like the 5 year old mental midgets they are.

Society is a reflection of the government that serves it. The governments we think we choose when all the while they are mearly curtains for the kings and queens and their friends the richest banking families. These are the forces that narrate our illusion of freedom because true freedom has no narrative. The government, media, military, religion and various other institutions are there to provide the people a civilized form of order and control, a platform for the so called narrative of "freedom and democracy"

My congratulations to judge Andrew Napolitano. You finally get it. Now what the fuck are we going to do about it? Because from where I'm sitting there appears to be no solution other than physically forcing them to leave but that's not going to happen due to all the brainwashing that's affected the country through the educational system as well as the systemic problem of hilarious overregulation, high taxation and the election of people that simply have no business representing any one.

By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

What if our belief in self-government is a belief in a myth? What if the election of one political party over the other to control Congress changes only appearances? What if taxes stay high and regulations stay pervasive and the government stays oppressive and presidents fight wars no matter what the politicians promise and no matter who wins elections? What if the true goal of those whom we elect to Congress is not to be our agents of self-government or even to preserve our personal liberties but to remain in power by getting re-elected?

Read more....

Quick answer? We aren't self-governed. We are ruled and enslaved by greedy idiots. It's clear that we aren't and have the illusion of self governance. And an observation for you as well: Since the creation of income tax politicians use tax dollars and future government debt as bones to toss at the loudest whiners in exchange for votes. It's not just a federal thing either, it's local. Consider all of your shitty local ordinances and decisions like traffic cameras that give you automatic tickets. Did I vote for those? No I did not, nor would I. Nor would anyone I know. So who approved that shit?

That said, there have been attempts to stop the out of control government that's resulted in deaths and jail time for those trying to stop it. See Bundy and Finicum for more. Those that do succeed get their lives ruined or have a sudden fatal car crash while sleeping in bed. So what's the solution? I'm out of ideas. Standing up to them results in death, electing an outsider results in more of the same.


Another way that the political progressives/liberals/leftists/liberation theology branch of politics and the sharia law followers are the same is their moral compass in relaying information to people who are not like them. In the case of sharia, it's the infidels and in the case of the politically insane, anyone who isn't them including their followers. Lying about anything and everything is perfectly acceptable to both groups. Simple searches using their statements and "facts" will reveal this. While lying is a favorite activity to both branches in insanity, there is also the second aspect of the law, laws and constitutional boundaries not applying to them as well. As an example, the largest case of prescription fraud and female genital mutilation both happen(ed) in Livonia, Michigan where on a quiet day you can hear the screams of girls being mutilated.

Dr. Murtaza Hussain was busted for letting unlicensed employees diagnose patients and write prescriptions. Dr. Waseem Alam and Dr. Hatem Ataya pleaded guilty in the nation’s largest Medicare fraud case totaling $712 million in false billings centering on Shahid Tahir, Muhammad Tariq and Manavar Javed’s Livonia medical firms. But what was going on at one Livonia clinic was far worse than the theft of millions. Anyone passing by at the right time could hear the screams of little girls.

Operating out of a Livonia clinic, Jumana Fakhruddin Nagarwala abused unknown numbers of little girls. The end came when law enforcement traced calls to her from a Minnesota number. Then they followed the trail to a hotel in Farmington Hills; a Michigan city at the center of an Islamic Center controversy.

Read more....


Both also work hard to bring their and only their point of view and any illogical laws and regulations that can be used to control the population at large. Progressives always are quick to point out that any other political point of view is destructive, brutalizes minorities, hurts women, denies "rights" and generally tries to kill the planet, people, poison foods, and manipulate people to do horrible things to each other. However, the 10 most violent cities in the United States, Detroit, Oakland,  Memphis, St Louis, Cleveland, Baltimore, Birmingham, Milwaukee, Newark, N.J., and Kansas City are controlled by them and have been ground in their political machine for decades. When they are living large and in charge, such as under Barack Obama, regulations dictating everything down to your BBQ grill and just about any other social and lifestyle control are issued from the great halls of misguided leadership.

The Sharia law gang does much the same but in a more 7th century brutal way from stoning victims of rape to destroying symbols of lost civilizations. They mutilate women, behead non-followers and dictate edicts from the great halls of their misguided leadership. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see them combining forces in the future although the image of Hillary Clinton sawing off the head of a Republican does take some work to imagine.

In the end, which this is, the only way they succeed is not through truth, justice and the American way but through threats, injury and death. At some point the population at large has to realize this and break free from their brainwashing.


Here's a definition for you: Fascists believe that liberal democracy is obsolete, and they regard the complete mobilization of society under a totalitarian one-party state as necessary to prepare a nation for armed conflict and to respond effectively to economic difficulties.

Yes, it's on Wikipedia but it's pretty accurate despite the pedianazis efforts. Since we know that Conservatives are accepting of all viewpoints, I would submit that my proof would be the ability of the left to try to destroy the country and the wonderful religion of peace killing as many as possible because we Americans have what's called tolerance and free speech. You may say what you like when you like it. The difficulty crops up when the leftists are elected and they left seek to destroy all alternative viewpoints other than their own. One would assume that the Antifa "movement" would be against them as well instead of funded by them as detailed in this article.Here's another article about a music festival that was nearly killed by the supposedly anti-fascist group.

I've been wondering lately about the motivations of the Antifa revolution to overthrow America, while I purposely ignore their international goals. For a group that is supposedly anti-fascist they certainly act like they are fascist rather than not although I suppose you could argue that totalitarian and fascist share some aspects that make them seem the same. Just the name "Antifa" sounds rather communistic in nature to me as well as their logo which you have to admit is creative.

All this has led me down the rabbit hole of considering the relationship between Antifa and the political progressives/liberals/leftists/liberation theology branch of politics. Those of you who've read my ruminations over the past few years will probably remember that I've been comparing the apparent relationship between two destructive mindsets, one that claims to be a religion that's an ideology and one that's an ideology that is like a religion. I speak of course of the similarities between the Sharia law ISIS nitwits who believe that it's their way or death. The political progressives/liberals/leftists/liberation theology also believe that only their way is the right way, there can be no other viewpoint that's acceptable. Those that do not belong to the leftist way are to be destroyed both personally and professionally. Anyone with any sort of serious mental facilities that can use their life experience and observational skills can see the similar mindsets that plague the western world.

That said, we here in America (and other western cultures) are in the process of fighting a civil war between the abhorrent mindsets which fights constitutional government, which both groups ignore and debase when either of the two destructive mindsets are in charge and living large. When you have a situation where the leaders of one party are illegitimate 100% of the time and the other party instructs us that their leaders are manna from God, walk on water and are the cat's meow even when they proceed to destroy a culture, there is not only something wrong but there is also going to be a civil war. In this case, in America, not a shooting war but a war of brainwashing versus the truth. An excellent question is whether or not this could erupt into a shooting war. Yes it could but for one thing. The political progressives/liberals/leftists/liberation theology have brainwashed their followers that firearms are bad and should be avoided at all cost, thus they ain't armed so it would be a rather one sided affair if it came down to it. I doubt it will because they would like to be able to hurt people that don't desire to be in a socialist/communist country for as long as possible and moral and regulatory torture is far, far more enjoyable and productive for them. After all, with regulation comes power, all supplied by your local friendly anti-constitutional organizations.


According to Bloomberg, more people are filing their taxes late due to a number of reasons from online tax filing being pretty easy, not having the time to go through the bullshit forms to file, no money left after their paychecks are taxed, car registration is taxed, their drivers license is taxed, their food is taxed, their fuel is taxed, the electricity, cable, water are taxed, paying sales taxes, paying taxes on taxes. There are a lot of reasons why people wait until the last minute to file their taxes.

Lots of people file for an extension every year - I'm usually one of them. The point being is that virtually everything is either taxed or has an added fee on it, yet we are expected to happily go through the mental anguish of the IRS form circus from hell and pay some more taxes. Perhaps it's the burning anger that we are bombarded with in the form of advertisements that blare the message, "Spend your tax refund with us." Millions of us owe at the end of the year yet we are brainwashed to think that everyone (but us) gets a refund. Of course alls fair in love, war and advertising so there's nothing to be done about that.

The other point is that there will never be any change to the system until either Rand or Ron Paul is president or until the majority of Americans just say enough is enough and stop filing and overload the system so that there is an actual change.

Not only don't I expect that to happen, but if it did any changes would instead be nothing more than a shift just like with health care and any other "improvement" that the government makes to anything which is actually nothing more than a way to collect more and more money from the citizens. Perhaps if Trump has a sudden moment of clarity and returns to his promises instead of hiding his motivations.



If you were to paint a painting of the view from a loft in New York and sell it, would it be copyright infringment? The answer might surprise you. It's yes if you had painted the billboards and ads that dot the modern landscape. What's disturbing is that you can't go anywere, see anything that isn't filled with an advertisement in some way. Maybe if you're off the beaten byways and highways of America you can find spots without some sort of video, blaring voices or signs assulting your vision and mind. But roll down the highway and snap a photo and upload it and you're probably violating copyright laws. Taken to it's logical conclusion, if you take a photo of an auto accident between a Ford and Chevy and post it anywere, Ford and Chevy may sue you. If it's concievable and a way to make money, you can be sure someone is going to try it.

Take the copyright trolls of a few years ago. These companies scour the internet looking for handy victims. There were groups of attorneys that formed a company to sue people for copyright infringment by buying the rights to material and then suing internet users for quoting articles for as few as 5 words. There are current cases where tens of thousands of people are listed as "John Doe" and their ISP is forced to reveal their names so that they can be targeted for some handy income. So if you download a video, song, photo or article you can in fact be sued - and don't forget your browser and or computer creates temporary files with information in them that you probably aren't aware of.

What we have come down to is a society where everything, everywhere is owned, sponsored or used in advertising in order to get into your brain and scramble it up so you buy products. One wonders if you can be sued for what's in your brain. 

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So you've read the past few days where I bounce back and forth between being behind and then waffling to "What the hell is Trump doing?!" which is my fancy way of proving a point which is that Donald J. Trump is not, repeat not political and if you think he is, you're wrong, wrong, wrong. Fair weather friends like Michael Savage who is 100% behind Trump because he is the one that got him elected (just ask Savage) abandons him when he flies off the verbal handle even though he doesn't have a clear picture of the entire situation(s). What makes this dangerous is that Savage controls a large audience and has been fairly close, in my opinion, to disinformation recently because he too, despite his vast mental treasure chest of knowledge (fair disclaimer: My mother grew up with Savage) doesn't get it. Donald Trump has no ideology. He did not he say NATO is going to be disbanded, nor did he say that he wouldn't bomb the shit out of someone, nor did he say that he was going to do this or not do that during the campaign. It's all the art of the deal. Everything is a negotiated deal with this guy. Get that through your collective heads. If you expect him to be conservative, you'll be disappointed. If you expect him to be a liberal, you'll be disappointed. If you expect him to be a centrist....well you might be satisfied.....half the time.

What you're probably missing is that Donald Trump has no ideology nor specific point of political view other than what he perceives as right and wrong. There's no left/right/conservative/wacky left with this guy. What's right is right. That said, what you have to understand about Trump as president or in any roll is that he negotiates virtually everything. Hell, he probably negotiates with the toilet before peeing. Can you imagine this guy ordering a pizza? He must have been a hellion as a child, negotiating bedtime, homework, veggies, dinner, play time, etc. - sort of like a millennial kid these days. Trust me, I've got experience in this.

The big, big fishing trip organized by the White House failed to catch the "big one." In fact, it was so bad, the media is spinning itself into a Piranha frenzy over it.

The fishing trip I refer to is the Obama banana republic style FISA warrant to "look for" collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia (of course) during which, despite rules and laws to the contrary, names of Americans were named. When using a FISA warrant, names of incidental persons, namely American citizens are supposed to be redacted. In this particular case they weren't which is actually one of the biggest cases of corruption in the country's history. But who cares if the media doesn't, the sheep just keep bleating. And now all the "experts" are rolling around on the big cable news shows saying that this whole deal is a "big problem" for Trump because there was no collusion and the Obama administration broke the law so obviously the victim of the crime is to blame. Of course.

In other news, the president appeared on Fox Business network and said that he's gotta do health care first so that the government has more money so that there can be a tax cut which appears to show that Trump has fallen into the big Washington grinder wherein nothing can be actually cut, there must be money for everything. So sad. Had high hopes for him. Looks like welfare state will survive intact.

Other Trump flipping today included NATO - Trump: “I said NATO was obsolete, it’s no longer obsolete” and the Import/Export bank.


A lot of questions are swirling around people's cranial cavities with the whole Syrian/China/Korea thing. Some think that Mad Dog Mattis is behind the brainwashing of Trump. Others think it's the Kushner dude and his daughter, globe trotting to protect ISIS. Check Google if you think I'm wrong.  One thing nearly everyone agrees on is that someone is whispering in Trump's ear, brainwashing him into oblivion, this is it, the big fuck up that will sink Trump, this time for sure, he's gonna quit within a week, it's dooooooooom for Trump. It's a good thing the bleating sheep have a shepard like Trump.

One disturbing thought I've seen floating around is that he's being fed false information on purpose in order to damage his reputation as well as moving forward the deep state plot to either
A. Destroy the world through nuclear war or
B. Destroy Trump and the United States' reputation(s) or even a combination of both.
Because we all know that Trump is gullible, a real monkey in a man suit, unable to reach a decision despite the information he has available, a Manchurian president who is controlled by a 4 foot tall shirtless Russian bear riding strongman who hacks everything from carnival claw machines to national elections.

As far as the truth goes, we citizens have no damned idea what's happening around Trump. It could be a deep state plot or it could be he's acting on real information. What's clear is that people like Michael Savage have abandoned him simply because he's doing things they don't approve of nor do they have any information despite that every single time, Trump has owned the cucks. Every. Single. Time. This time, of course is different because when it comes to military action the skirt wearing vocal strongmen sit sidesaddle on the horse of military doom. I feel sorry for people that are so insecure and so unsure of themselves that they can't extend any benefits of doubt towards Trump, abandoning him to the Washington wolves at the first sign of something they personally don't like. It's sad really that so many fair weather friends need to be under a suicide watch every few days. And apparently the shell shocking that Obama had us under for 8 long miserable years of American is the bad guy worked like a charm.
Here's a tip for all of you planning on being president: Don't let the shills troll you into killing people with cruise missiles. See, that has a tendency to make the people that called you an amateur look like they're right. You need to stop, think and gather information from sources you trust. After all, you have the biggest and best intelligence services available on the planet.
Another handy tip is to realize that your supporters balls are going to fall off at the first sign of weakness, you know like falling for a trolling false flag. And don't forget your supports will suddenly  forget every time the asshole brigade has screamed "That's it! Trump's done!", they've been wrong, and he's emerged stronger?

Last tip: There's thousands of points of view on any matter that requires a decision. Pick one and stick to it.

Over the past few days, I've gotten a lot of dirt under my fingernails after falling down a rabbit hole and spending hours and hours listening and reading, the results of which I present here. I've tried to verify as much as I can and used multiple sources as much as I can. As far as I know everything in this Daily Thought is accurate.

“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.”

JFK from his "The President and the Press," Before The American Newspaper Publishers Association, 27 April 1961

Nothing I write here is secret or special in any way. This is broken into several parts and subjects over a period of several days. What you read here should be common knowledge but it's not. This is about the nuclear disaster at Fukushima and the future of humanity as a species. Fukushima hasn't been contained, ended or made safe. It never will be. Among some of us in the conspiracy community it is known what the dangers are but the general population has no idea what is going on and frankly, the fate of the entirity of mankind is in the balance. Obviously, nothing is going to be done about it so everyone will suffer and die within the next century which is why all the effort to get to Mars is going on. You didn't think they wanted to go there to see a bunch of red rocks did you? It's about the survival of the human species because Fukushima is an extintion level event and it's not being stopped although it could be and the effects are being covered up. I mean who wants to be physically torn apart by angry mobs when they find out you're killing the planet for profit? I sure wouldn't.

Even among the conspiracy theorists, it's a kind of black subject where there isn't a lot being exposed about the situation at Fukushima Dachi. In Japan, a law is on the books making it illegal to investigate or talk about Fukushima and the nuclear disaster there.

Consider this as the largest signpost of what we are facing because the responsible parties are not working to fix the problem but rather continuing to make the same mistakes. They keep sending robots into the cores at Fukushima. Each robot has failed because of the radioactivity and heat, lasting only a short while before burning out. They do this time and time and time again. Yet with a few phone calls to NASA who builds robots and satellites DESIGNED to work in highly radioactive and hot environments, they could build said robots to do what they need them to do. But they don't.

With a radiation detector, there was between 2 and 3 times the normal background radiation back in 2014 and nobody really said anything about it other than on a few discussion forums. An interesting test was done where a giant pile of snow (the frozen water kind) was piled up and the radiation of it checked.  Not good news, the radiation was like getting at CAT scan every minute of every day. And since then, there's been no improvement. There was some thought that the radiation was coming from domestic sites like Brookhaven or others that are leaking radioactivity. For example, Brookhaven has been supposedly leaking Tritium for 45 years which has gotten itself into the water tables. The thing is that the only way to contain Tritium is with gold and nobody is going to use up tons of gold to contain something that won't effect them. A couple of generations from now, yeah, they're going to have problems. But we're not going to waste a bunch of gold to protect our eventual great-grandchildren. They're on their own on this deal.

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen; it gives off radiation in the form of a beta particle. Tritium will bind anywhere hydrogen does, including in water, in plant, animal and human tissue. It cannot be removed from the environment once it is released. Tritium can be inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through skin. Eating food containing Tritium can be even more damaging than drinking Tritium bound in water. Consequently, an estimated radiation dose based only on ingestion of tritiated water may underestimate the health effects if the person has also consumed food contaminated with tritium. Tritium is primarily a byproduct of the nuclear power industry, which releases large amounts of tritium per year. Tritium has a half life of 12.3 years which means it will be dangerous for at least 120 years, since the hazardous life is ten to twenty times longer than its half-life. This has been well known for over a half century. Tritium was studied in the atomic tests of the 1950s so we know a lot about Tritium and it's effects.

All that said, don't go off on a anti-nuke rant among your friends and family because the properly designed reactor is not only very safe but it will also produce power so cheaply your cost would be 1/10 of what you're paying for electricity now. But the almighty profit stands firmly in the road to true free energy and energy independence for every man, woman and child on planet Earth. Imagine energy so cheap to produce that every home on the planet has lights, heat, cooking stoves and all types of appliances. Imagine a world where the cost of producing products is not tied to the energy it requires to produce that product but only the labor it costs to produce it.

The concern with the Pacific Ocean and Fukushima-Daiichi is because of the work that was done in the 1950s and the atomic bomb tests. It's why people are concerned about the effects that are coming. They're not here yet although some people are getting radiation poisioning from wild caught seafood. In a fair disclaimer, tests have been done on fish caught off the western coast of Canada and the United States which (according to the report) showed little if any contamination. Since the accumuliation of the radiation is continuing and will continue the report can be considered an outlier of information and won't be linked to here however a simple Google search will provide results from both sides of the argument. I explain why I say this in two paragraphs.

People think that the atomic bomb tests in the 1950s and the radioactive fallout was really, really bad. By sheer comparitive numbers, in Fukushima-Daiichi, there is 14,000 times worth of fallout than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. 14,000 times. That's just in one pool and there are three of them there. In pool 3 at Fukushima-Daiichi they have Plutonium 239 or MOX (Mixed OXide) fuel. If the human tolerance is said to be conservative at 1/100,000 of a gram, consider that there's 170 tons of it. In one pool at Fukushima-Daiichi. Will all of it escape into the ocean at large? Probably not, however nobody knows where it physically is at this point.

See, the shills are always talking about how it's not that bad, the ocean is a big place and we can dump lots and lots of radiation into it without a problem. What they don't understand and fail to take into consideration is the entire spectrum of radiation types being put into the Pacific. For instance they only look at Caesium-137. The thing is that there are over 2,000 different byproducts of the nuclear process. Some like Iodine have a short halflife, many do not. In the tests I mentioned above, Cadesium was the only radiological tested for which in my opinion makes it an outlier.

Let's take the fission process. Take an atom of Uranium which splits. Within this there are two types of split, one is heavy and one is light. There's also splits in between. The problem is that when the atom is all together, that atom is what's known as fissionable ( which means that if you hit it with a neutron, it can either absorb it or it can split. When it does split, most of the time it releases 2.5x more neutrons which furthers the chain reaction. Then there's criticality. Consider a room full of mousetraps and you throw a ping pong ball in the room. It'll set off a few mousetraps. Just a few. That's called sub-critical. But if you have one ping pong ball in every mousetrap in that room and throw in the same ping pong ball that we did earlier, (which is the same thing as the enrichment of a nuclear device) you have a chain reaction when all those mousetraps go off,which is the same thing as a thermonuclear bomb going off. This is E=Mc2, Einstein's famous formula. When they were doing the nuclear tests in the 1950s, they were able to take a ball of Uranium about the size of a softball and get 20 MEGATONS out of it. There's a lot of fallout from just that little bit of fissionable material. Their tests got out of hand in more than one case.

In Fukushima-Daiichi, there's hundreds of times more fallout. What you probably don't know is that there was a critical explosion. An atomic explosion. These were NOT hydrogen explosions like you've been led to believe. It was an actual critical explosion. We know this because pool 3 (with the 170 tons of Plutonium) went up nearly 1,000 feet. 170 tons launched 1,000 feet in the air takes far more energy than a hydrogen gas explosion. They found parts of it 2 kilometers away. This is bad. It's called plumegate now. More than 14,000 people died because of this and it was of course covered up worldwide. A nuclear disaster the likes of which have never been seen before in recorded history, releasing uncontrolled fallout worldwide is covered up. One guy that talked about this went by the name of Patrick Henry and did a lot of research on the subject. Sadly, we can't talk to him because well....he's nowhere to be found these days.

This is a two trillion dollar industry. We have 23 of the Fukushima style MK1 nuclear plants operating in the United States and about 100 MK4 plants which are similar in design. These are all water reactors or BWR (Boil Water Reactors) and they suck, they are a terrible design. This is because you have a range of 100 degrees to work them within. The efficiency is something like 10%. An efficient reactor would be a molten salt nuclear reactor. The molten salt (Lithium Bromide Salt) design can produce far, far more power than the BWR type. Power so cheap that it's basically free. BWR reactors are from 1947. What we need to build and use are known as LFTR or reactors based on thorium and are molten salt reactors.  So why aren't we using them? Well for one, you can't use the byproducts to make bombs. The department of energy doesn't want them because you can't make bombs from them. That and their science is based on Plutonium not the chemistry of a molten salt reactor. But here's the rub. A molten salt reactor is 98% effecient. They'll run on the dirt in your back yard which has Thorium in it. There is ton of Thorium in coal waste. You could use that same coal to make as much synthetic fuel you would like or need. If you take your coal and process it though a LFTR reactor, because of the heat involved you could create gasoline, not out of oil but as a byproduct of running coal through the process of creating electricity. That gasoline that would cost nearly nothing.

You've probably seen the dollar shave club commercials or website. They're the LFTR reactor of shavers. What the big name companies do is basically give you the shaver for free and charge you a wheelbarrow full of money for the replacement blades. This is how the nuclear power industry works. They build you the reactor for like free and then charge you out the ass for the fuel for the reactor. Just like you can't put a Trac II blade in another razor, you can't put the fuel from your reactor in another reactor. What government would give that up? So you're going to kill your great grandchildren. Who cares when you can make money hand over fist?

What using LFTR reactors would do is free up the potential of humanity. Imagine an electric bill of $6 a month and gasoline of perhaps a penny a gallon at the same time. Again, imagine a world where electricity is as common as clouds in the sky, where everyone, everywhere would have access to everything that you and I do here in modern society. No more poverty, no more genocidal wars over oil. However, keep in mind that governments can trace nearly 80% of their income to the production and use of energy. Now you can understand what President Kennedy was talking about. This is a vast, vast conspiracy that is not only killing us because of the Fukushima-Daiichi disaster but also because of how they are holding humanity back from it's true potential.

The thing with Fukushima-Daiichi is that the people in power are overwhelmed with the effort that it would take to fix it. What it would take is a worldwide effort of every single western society, and a whole bunch of electrical power, I mean a lot of power to build a type of containment system that would contain the radioactive fallout.

To be continued...


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