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Natural Conservatives (updated)


Trump meeting Reagan

This really should be renamed from Natural Conservatives to something else but I'm feeling lazy today.

All of the mouthpieces of the establishment are scurrying around trying to define the alt right movement and who exactly we are. Sometimes their definition is maddening, sometimes so far off the mark it's humorous. Most call the alt right "members" young. I'm 58 and I've been alt right long before it was called the alt right. A young person's movement it's not.

After spending days and weeks mentally munching on this altright that I consider myself a member of, I've come to a rather stark conclusion and that is this:

Everyone else is defining the movement, not the people in the movement. Allowing oneself to be labeled by those who don't like you is something that is....stupid.

I've got dozens and dozens of articles at my fingertips that I've read and not one of them actually hits the nail on the head about the altright. I've even seen the altright called "nihilistic" which is rather boobish not to mention wrong and above all very phobic. Very, very phobic. If you don't know, nihilistic means rejecting all religion and moral principles as meaningless as well as life being meaningless, which begs the question - if the altright is nihilistic then what's the point of it?

One thing I can tell you is that the altright has very concrete morals and embraces a lifestyle that is closer to the original intent than anything the mainstream, the liberals, leftists, Liberation Theology political class and the shareware lite version, the Republicans. Nihilistic? Spare me the fake tears of anguish wishing that the altright would be "acceptable" to everyone else who is not. That's what got the Republicans on our shit list in the first place. Let's look at one of these twisted and demented articles. As always the entire list of sources is at the bottom of this article.

At the ultimate uber liberal shill headquarters, Salon, we find the use of the word "nihilistic" which has triggered my rampage of keyboard tapping.

[...] advocates of the increasingly popular “alt-right” movement — which Breitbart has championed over the past year — were more than a little jubilant. “His appointment is great news,” said Peter Brimelow, editor of the white supremacist website VDARE, to the Daily Beast, while Richard Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute, an overtly racist think tank, praised Breitbart as a “gateway to Alt Right ideas and writers.”

So right out of the gate Salon tells us that a white supremacist was interviewed by someone else and rather than actually talking to the person just goes ahead and quotes him in an article about an article. A simple look at the VDARE website reveals a far different product than Salon attempted to present. is a non-profit journalistic enterprise, the main project of the VDARE Foundation. We publish data, analysis, and editorial commentary in a variety of formats. We inform the fight to keep America American.

It all started with a bold idea: in the face of unwavering hostility from the Main Stream Media, our editor, Peter Brimelow, launched on Christmas Eve of 1999 as an extension of his national bestselling book, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster. After all, the issues of unrestricted mass immigration, both legal and illegal, weren’t going away. They were getting bigger.

And who or what is VDARE named after? is named after Virginia Dare, the first English child to be born in the New World. She was born August 18, 1587 into community on Roanoke Island off the North Carolina coast that would later be known to history as the “Lost Colony.”

Of course Salon pulls in the Southern Poverty Law Center, a collection of people who call anyone that isn't a communist, leftist nutjob or a Liberation Theology political nihilistic point of view is a hate group. Which means normal average people of whatever race, creed or economic strata is a hate group in order to prove their tenious point of the altright being a collection of supremacist, Nazi, white, skinhead, heil Hitlering nitwits which is far enough from the truth that it can't even be seen from where they are standing.

One definition of the alt right movement:

Previously an obscure subculture, the alt-right burst onto the national political scene in 2015. Although initially small in number, the alt-right has a youthful energy and jarring, taboo-defying rhetoric that have boosted its membership and made it impossible to ignore.

The alt-right "movement" is nothing more than millions of Americans realizing that it's time to stop the political establishment. Think of it this way: This is the alternative to some political clown in Washington stumbling up to a microphone whenever anything happens muttering "now is the time to..." which of course means that it's going to cost a few billion dollars and require a law that will reduce our rights some more. The establishment will always give you lip service when they want to be re-elected. Once elected, not hell nor high water will dissuade them from their assigned tasks by the upper crust of the establishment and not you or I.

Let's bring in the natural conservative thing at this point

David Larison wrote in 2012 about natural conservatives:

Whenever someone argues that any group of people should be naturally inclined to favor his political persuasion on account of their ethnicity (or age or religion, etc.), the odds are good that the person making the argument is relying on convenient and distorting stereotypes of the group and indulging in arrogant presumption that his political preferences obviously serve their interests.

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Is he right? Certainly with no caveats in sight. The point is that people are attempting to put the altright into the box of natural conservativism. The other point is that the establishment of both political parties, especially the Republicans, have abandoned people and families that are hard-working, family-oriented, and religious. The evidence is self evident. Just look at the regulations and laws over the past 8 to 12 years.

Can the alt right be described as a position of natural law, economics and tradition?

Sure, what the hell, why not. The major point is that there are elements of traditional conservatism within the alt right movement. The alt right movement was brought together by the candidacy of Donald Trump - that much everyone can agree on, much to the chagrin of everyone but the alt right.

Does the alt right contain traditional conservative values?

The alt right doesn't have any particular ideology that I've been able to find. Remember, the guy that "triggered" the formation of the altright, Mr. Trump doesn't use an ideology and neither does the movement. That said, keep in mind that the same thing that happened to the Tea Party will happen; new "members" are going to show up with the ever popular 'okay, I'm here and I'll be in charge'. It's perfectly natural - the thing to do is ignore them. They hate that shit.  The establishment and their minions in the mainstream media do attempt to attach many terms to the movement and it's "members": neoreactionism, white nationalism, white supremacy,anti-Islamism, neo-nazism, antisemitism, ethno-nationalism, nativism, traditionalism, anti-feminism and right-wing populism and probably baby killing as well but that's the domain of the leftists.

Ah, so much bullshit, so many fancy words. Like any other movement that has no by-laws, organization or defined leaders, there are obviously less desirable people populating it much like the Democratic party and their "deplorable" basket and the Republicans with their anointed Bushes.

So it's the Tea Party?

That's funny. The alt right is populated by people that are tired of the bullshit. The Tea Party keeps trying to elect people that do nothing. The alt right exists because of the Tea Party and it's failure to perform. Not that there's anything wrong with the Tea Party - but that's for a blog post not this article.

 Uh, Natural Conservatives - What the Hell Does That Mean?

The alt-right realizes that this needs to stop for the future of our country and our children. An entire generation's future has been squandered by the establishment. An entire generation!

The alt-right are natural conservatives much like the founders of the United States.

Natural conservatives can broadly be described as the group that the intellectuals above were writing for. They are mostly white, mostly male middle-American radicals, who are unapologetic in embracing a new identity politics that priorities the interests of their own demographic.

In their politics, these new conservatives are only following their natural instincts — the same instincts that motivate conservatives across the globe. These motivations have been painstakingly researched by social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, and an instinct keenly felt by a huge swathe of the political population: the conservative instinct.


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